How to Dress your Dresser Ready To Sell

How to Dress your Dresser Ready To Sell

We’ve had our first sale of the year! An absolutely lovely kitchen dresser that had been finished in an Off White egg shell paint and quite honestly looked truly perfect sat in our kitchen against our big olive green wall. It was a tough goodbye. There were tears…

So here’s my top tips on what to consider when dressing your dresser to sell.


1- The Back Drop

The back drop to your picture is super important! I’ve taken pictures of pieces in the past against a plain Jane magnolia wall and they all ended up looking so washed out and offered no favours to my furniture whatsoever.

Find a nice complementary wall in your home to set it up against and be open to carting your furniture upstairs too! I’ve been known to take bits upstairs and clear a space against our amazing Laura Ashley wall paper in our bedroom just for a good picture! Think about colours, if your dresser is fairly light and plain you can be really flexible with the colour of your backdrop, however if you’ve gone ‘out there’ with your colour scheme that plain Jane wall perhaps isn’t a bad idea after all.

2 – Make It Real

You need to make your buyers visualise your dresser in their own home. There is no use uploading a picture of a empty looking dresser that looks unloved after you’ve put so much hard work in! I was so excited to dress my dresser once it was finished, I wasn’t allowed to keep it (apparently we have no ‘space’) so this was my opportunity to see what it could have looked like in my home.

I added some bits from my favourite tea set to the shelving section at the back and then one of my favourite candle lanterns and an Orchid that I’m currently working on not killing. Larger items in the foreground give your perspective buyers a sense of size. If they can see your tea set and vase on there, they know theirs will look great too!

3 – Be Minimalistic

Keep in mind that although you want to show what your dresser could look like in a real home, you do not want to over crowd it. My dresser was very minimalistic, I wanted to show off the dresser to my perspective buyers and also leave it up to their imagination. You can see I’ve added a tall glass vase to the top shelf to give my buyer some perspective of size.

4 – Colours

There is nothing I love more than matching colours. This is a really important tip to get right and really is something that starts at your accessories and ends at your lighting. Your accessories need to complement each other as well as your unit.

I’m super lucky that our kitchen is brightly lit by spot lights and we have a huge patio door that lets light in from outside so our lighting tends to be ok. If your lighting isn’t fantastic then that’s ok, that’s why we have Instagram filters! But don’t go crazy, you want it to be an accurate representation of your dresser.

5 – Accessories

Additional cute accessories really bring out the character of your dresser as well. I love hanging little signs and trinkets off of my units, in fact the beaded heart hanging in this picture was bought specifically for dressing my dressers!

Always remember that if you are adding little accessories that you add a quick¬†note to your advert to say that your accessories aren’t included in the sale!

Have you got any top tips for dressing furniture ready for sale!?



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