Painted Stacking Tables

Painted Stacking Tables

A lot of the furniture we have in our house was bought on a low budget when we were renters about 4 years ago. So i’ve slowly been making my way around the house with a paint brush giving them all a facelift and last weekend I decided it was time we spruced up our 3 stacking tables!

We originally got these tables from The Range for less than £30 and they are really good strong tables, but they have never really fitted in with the painted theme.

After searching Pinterest for inspiration I decided to paint the legs and leave the tops as they are to continue to country farmhouse style. I chose Rustoleums Chalk White, chalk paint with a distressed finish which I’m really pleased with!

As I used chalk paint there was no need to sand the legs before painting which helped to make this such a quick and simple project.

After some light distressing I buffed the legs with Rustoleum clear wax to protect and seal the paint. As I decided to leave the table tops in their current state I didn’t need to do any work on them and just gave them a good polish with some woodpolish.

I’m really pleased with this simple paint job and they look perfect in our livingroom! Do you have anything in your home that you’ve had you’re eye on painting? 


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