5 Super Crafty Uses for Washi Tape

5 Super Crafty Uses for Washi Tape


This week I discovered washi tape! Why has no one told me before how much fun it is!? It has so many uses, from sticking photo’s into my Project Life to organising my charging cables! I LOVE it already! I’m pretty sure there are 101 uses for washi, but here are a few of my favourites so far!

Washi Tape Tea Lights

We all have Tea Lights around our house, but don’t they just look so boring in their silver little holders? I added some washi trape around the holder of my Tea Lights and now they look really cute on my mantelpiece! It’s such a simple idea which looks so effective. All you have to do is simply wrap your tape around the silver holder and make sure the two ends of the tape overlap where they join together. Also a little tip – if your tape a is a little wider than the holder don’t worry about cutting the tape to fit, just tuck the excess neatly under the base!

A great gift idea I’m looking forward to trying out is getting some scented tea lights, decorating with some washi tape and finishing off with some ribbon and a cute card – a perfect home-made, low budget gift idea!

Washi Tape Tealights

Organising Cables

One thing that really bugs me is messy tangled wires! How they manage to tangle when they don’t even move I’ll never know, but by adding some washi and least my tangled mess is colourful and I know which charger is mine!

Decorating Laptop Keyboards

I searched Pinterest for some inspiration after buying my washi and found that some brave people have gone all out and decorated their laptop keys! I must admit it looks so great but I think you need a selection of tape to make this look effective, as I’ve only got a couple so far I’ll wait before trying this one!

Highlighting Dates In Your Calendar

Washi tape is the perfect way to highlight those important dates in your calendar! You can mix and match colours for each family member too if you like to be super organised!

Calendar Washi Tape


Washi Tape is perfect for adding some extra colour to your scrap book. I’ve recently started my first Project Life album and found that adding a bit of washi to the corner of some of my photo’s looks great!

Scrapbook Washi Tape

Of course by far my favourite thing about washi tape is that you can peel it off and re-stick it! Usually in our crafting world we are used to treble checking that we are happy with an arrangement before committing to stick anything down, but with washi you can change your mind as many times as you like! Washi is even happy for you to change your mind when you’re sticking it to card or paper, it leaves no bad marks and will re-stick as if its brand new – perfect for the indecisive crafter like myself.

What craft projects have you used it for that you could recommend, do you have any top tips?

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